Future projects

1. Expansion of the OMO project

2. Expansion of the tuberculosis villages (TB manyatta’s)

With the expansion, we aim to increase the admission capacity of our TB manyatta’s in Kacheliba and Sigor from 300 to 600 patients per year.

3. Center of Excellence Infectious Disease Control

Because tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis is a relevant problem among semi-nomadic people, the DKHF in collaboration with the PDHO and local health authorities, strive to establish an Infectious Disease Control Center of Excellence. This practice-oriented center will be specialised in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, lung diseases and skin diseases. Here, patients will receive patient centered care with modern diagnostic tools. It should set an example for infectious disease control in semi nomadic areas in Africa. Preferably, we would like to link this Center to one of our TB manyatta’s. The DKHF has already been in contact with relevant international organisations as well as the Kenyan health care authorities to discuss setting up such a Center of Excellence. For this project, the DKHF is currently looking for funding; approximately 500.000 euros.

4. Female genital mutilation (FGM) program

In the future, the DKHF aspires to set up a female genital mutilation program to improve the knowledge and awareness in small villages and in schools.

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