Renovation TB manyatta’s

In 2018, the DKHF decided to renovate and expand their tuberculosis villages located in Kacheliba and Sigor. Originally, these villages were built and equipped with electricity by the Stichting Medische Hulp Kenia ( The renovation and expansion of the TB manyatta’s was made possible by Stichting PAUMA. After working on detailed plans, obtaining official approval from the local authorities in West Pokot County and finding a reliable and reasonable local contractor, the renovation and redecoration of the manyatta’s began in 2019. A new water pipe was also constructed. In return, the West Pokot County government provides our patients with high-protein meals. Since a good nutritional status is of high importance for the treatment of tuberculosis, this is a win-win situation.

The DKHF is looking for funding to fence the TB manyatta’s. This requires an amount of 1000 euros per village.

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